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Enterprise Rent-a-Car Partners With Clayton Collision Center

Step 1: Go to Enterprise Rent-a-Car at

Step 2: At the Enterprise Rent-a-Car webpage, enter your personal information and rental information with specific dates, locations and times of pick-up and drop-off. There will also be at the bottom of the information box an optional space where you enter your VIP code which is NA77649 (again located on the back of your VIP card). You will then click on the continue button.

Step 3: The next webpage will appear where you will enter the 3-digit character company's name or pin# which is APN and is also located on the back of your VIP card. Then you will click the continue button.

Step 4: The next page that will appear is the Enterprise Rent-a-Car page titled "Select Your Vehicle". You will then select your vehicle by pressing the select button to the desired car you have chosen. After you have clicked on your selection you are on your way to the final information to rent your vehicle which requires your credit card information.


Good Luck ! If you have any problems or questions in renting your vehicle go ahead and call the 800 number directly to Enterprise Rent-a-Car 1-800-736-8222

Clayton Collision Center